Duco Academy March 2024

Join our upcoming training sessions!

Duco Academy classes are a great way to sharpen your skills. Our sessions explore everything from the basics, right through to our most advanced functionality.

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This month's sessions include:

Duco 101

Whether you're a complete beginner, or looking for a refresher, we'll cover everything you need to get up and running.

Duco 102

Already comfortable setting-up a basic process? Join us to learn about some of Duco's more advanced features including multi-pass, filtering, and roll-ups.

Duco 104

Covering some of our advanced setting features, Duco 104 elaborates on record tracking, submissions windows, and calculated results.

Governance and Administration

Need to implement controls in line with your governance model? Discover the range of tools in Duco that enables you to achieve this.

Exceptions Workflow

See how you can efficiently manage the full lifecycle of exceptions, including assignment, triage, carry-over, calculated fields and more.

Data Prep

Discover Duco’s Data Prep for Reconciliation functionality, which allows you to normalise and feed multiple data sources - of different types and formats - into a single side of a reconciliation.

Cash Reconciler

Join us for a day in the life of a cash reconciler, where we will share with you useful tips and best practices to help manage your Duco cash process in the most efficient way.